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illustration painting showing skylines and sunset of dark city

On planet Aspherion, well within the Conglomerate system, was Venor.  The beginning of the third cycle.  Deep in the heart of the Sturgeon at the capital city of Eridon, Govinia. There were few individuals who had the high privilege of access to the sacred chambers of Imperium.  The royal family and the Seer of the Perception.

The room was spacious in every direction.  It’s height easily ascended two stories.  The sheer breadth of the chamber was just beyond the same length.  Though it’s magnificence seemed larger than life.  There were haughty pillars in every corner including the center of the room forming a circle.  Artifacts covered the walls and were propped throughout the room inviting dignity and honor.  At the center of the room within the pillars was a figure standing with his back turned away.

“Why are you troubled Soron?  What is it that you seek?”  “My Lord Imperium.  The foundations of solace of our nation have been forsaken by Lord Talegan Severus— and the Domain, the people are in a—“The solace must be restored Soron.  I understand that you have put together a mission to find him.  Is that correct?”  Imperium discerning as he was, could sense the troubled King and his plan to destroy Severus.  His discernment was weighty, balanced, full of wisdom and was to be respected by all within the Conglomerate.  “Yes, that is correct my Lord”.  “Soron, you must focus on the restoration of the Solace.  Which means Severus must remain alive otherwise your mission is pointless.  As you know My king, the solace must have two royal heirs duel until the one is killed.  Therefore if one is killed outside of the jurisdiction of solace the Interregnum must be declared.  Do I have your understanding Soron?  “Yes, my Lord.”  “Lord Gracious and Bren Talegan Severus, must be kept alive until then. No exceptions. “Yes, my Lord.”  “Very well.  You will be held responsible then.  The Novic kingdoms of the North are becoming unstable. And I have word that some of our adversaries are waiting for our dissolution.  Grand Morticus and the Dark Vein of evil, my arch enemy, knows very well our current vulnerability.  They already have camps in Midor and Verimice as we speak.  There’s a high bounty on the head Severus right now.  For they know that once the Interregnum is officially declared by the Domain, all Aspherion is doomed. And the Conglomerate will fall to pieces.

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Benjamin Thomas


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Being stunned again for a second time in the same day didn’t seem to set to well with him.

He could feel the anger slowly rise to a tipping point.   It took everything in his power to resist the urge of ripping apart this newfound friend of his.  Alpha Mechlon.  The next blast ripped into the lateral side of his torso.  Penetrating deeper into his pride.  He could feel the pain burn like wildfire roasting his very flesh.

“You see, Severus.  I’m sure you realize by now that we are not here to kill you.   But we are here to destroy your legacy.  Your very name will become a mockery.  Your rule will be entirely abolished and you will be forgotten.  And the people you came to protect will crucify you.”  Severus lay helpless on the ground writhing in pain, trying to make sense of what was happening to him.  “What are you going to do? Leave them out if this.  They are innocent people.  I’ll do whatever you want.  What do you want?”   “You’ll find out soon enough O’ Son of Aspherion.   Alpha.  Detonate the bomb.  Immediately.”  Alpha Mechlon focused quickly on the side panel on his wrist.  Pressing a button there was a significant explosion that rocked the entire facility.  BA-BBOOMMM!!!!!!  NNNOOOOO!!!!!!!   Severus lying in the disgusting reality of what had just happened.  His consciousness fading in and out of focus like a bad signal.  Looking around, there was no sign of the woman or of Alpha Mechlon.  They fled like two roaches at the first hint of daylight.  The room filled with a mist that slowly faded gave way to a television screen at the far right of the room.  The video was set on replay.  Playing over and over again, there was a dark figure placing a bag underneath the transport pod that led to the tenth district.   What he saw next was not so pleasant.  As he leaned in to see who the dark figure really was, fear sawed him in half.   There he was plain as day on the video.  His face shamefully flashing across the screen.





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Benjamin Thomas


Futuristic city

The  mist blanketed the entire mysterious region of the ninth district.  Crowds moved about it’s inner streets seamlessly.  Busybodies weaving in and out of traffic stoically.  Dusk steadily crept in to steal the light of day.  The ninth district welcomed it arrival.  A man cloaked in an brown robe walking down Elpin avenue, one of the main roads of the region.  He entered Dorian’s Cafe and bakeshop on the corner of Elpin and harper.  “Yes, I’ll have a large coffee with two cream and sugar please.  Thank you”.   Being seated in a far away corner, he slumped and began to whisper.  “Severus??  Where are you?”  No response.  Severus, this is Simion….come in.”  No response.  “Dial Tim Mason please….”   “This is Mason”.  “Tim, this is Simion”.  “Sim?  Where are you?”  “Its a long story.  Listen.  I’ve got some bad news.”  “Well, not any worse than what just happened here at the hospital.  Lizzies been abducted by some lunatic and she’s missing now.”   “Tim.  She’s either in the ninth or tenth district.  We were sabotaged in the transfer pod on the way there.  I was followed and attacked by drones but was able to get away.”  “Wait, WHAT!!??.  What do you mean in the ninth or tenth district?  Is she alive–is she hurt???”  How the hell did she get there so fast.  She was just here at the hospital.  “Shes’ being held hostage Tim.  But we don’t know her demands just yet.  Severus went to the tenth district and he isn’t responding.  I’ve got a bad feeling about all of this.”  “Simion, try to locate her there.  I’ll head for the tenth district.”  “Tim, be very careful and don’t attempt to try anything.  This woman is very crafty and seems to a step ahead of us.”

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Benjamin Thomas


Advanced future soldier

My head….Wh–wh—where am I?  Deep throbs pulsed thougout his head, as if someone finally knocked some sense into his psyche.  His last memory was being shocked in midflight.  “The tenth district…It was a trap.  The whole thing was a trap”.  “I see you’ve finally awaken Talegan.  Welcome.  You’re just in time for the show.”

“Wh–who are you?”  “Please forgive my manners Talegan.  We still haven’t been properly introduced.  My name is Kitren-x.  We are called, Oriasis.  You’ll be seeing plenty of us in the coming days”  “What do you want with me?  Where is the bomb?”  “Ah.  Questions, questions, questions Talegan.The curious mind always seeks to know.  And you’re quite the predictable one I’d admit.  Are you coming to save the poor lives here Severus?  How does it feel to be powerless?  What exactly were you expecting? To help the pathetic people of this land?  You see Severus,  they were doomed when you showed up.  And now, their blood will be upon your hands.”  Severus could feel his stomach tie in knots with noxious element.  The thought that innocent civilians could be killed struck a ugly cord with him.  He thought to himself.  “How could they die?  What is she really seeking to gain out of all of this?  Who is she working for?  Does the Domain know I’m here?  Have they finally caught up with me?”  The woman kept lecturing him as if she were trying to chip away at his integrity.  Gnawing away at any sense of hope, or shred of confidence he may have had.  Suddenly one of the subjects to his left began to slowly move toward him.  The sound of his feet seemed like firm metal clanking against the floor.  There he stood.  Severus glared at him as he approached, in awe of his form and audacity.  Thinking again to himself in wonder.  “This is a well coordinated attack.  Definitely not amateurs. But who could it be?”  “Severus.  I’d like you to meet Alpha-Mechlon”.  By the end of her sentence.  He had already armed his forearm stunner releasing the first burst directly into his chest.  The blast knocked his chair backward violently back onto the floor, his hands still banded behind his back.    “Bravo!  bravo!  I thought you two would get along just fine.”

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Benjamin Thomas

Surprising Journey

Fast road leading into a suset.

It had been a short time since he left Simion in district 9 by himself to face an unknown enemy.  But if there was anyone who could handle himself, it was Sim.  He would check in with Simion after he had spotted the transfer pod they were in earlier.

The flight over the Crygan to the tenth district was a pleasant one.  He hadn’t set into roaming mode in quite some time now.  It brought back a plethora of memory being in the administration at the Domain.  His thoughts captivated him temporarily pulling him away into a distant realm.  “I was destined to be ruler of my people.  I had a royal family, with peace for generations and generations.  All of the kingdoms were in order.  Chaos was kept to a minimum.  Spira was by my side.  I can still see her and taste the delight in her eyes or the pleasure in her countenance when she gazed upon me.  Suddenly he felt an overwhelming shock throughout his entire being.  A unusual type of electricity running through his veins.  He didn’t know what hit him.  Knocked unconscious, he began to spiral quickly downward.  He transferred back into his human form still spiraling out of control.  An electrical like net captured him just before he crashed and lifted him back up into the atmosphere.  “I have the package.”  There was someone at the other end of the net tugging along.  “Good.  Bring him to me immediately.  I have plans for Mr. Severus.  Plans indeed.”

In the Province of Midor, within the southeastern portion of the southern kingdom.  In a small town of Himmel.  Gor, the ballerdarian was preparing for his travels.  “Ah!  Its not everyday that blessed one says goodbye to his children.  And not every midanite has six bundles of joy!  Come here.  Give your ol’ Papa a kiss.  One for Kimdel. One for Xerix and Phannie. Tranis, Hepta and Nivel.  Mmwhaaa.  And one for the misses.  Mmwhaa.”  “Why do you have to go?  Can’t they figure this out by themselves?  Don’t they have resources in the Domain for this?  Why do they need you to go?”  “Hanice.  We’ve already been over this.  You know why I must go.  I’ll be fine.  Tend to the children.”  They both resonated the deep culture of the Midonese.  When called upon a Midan in a time of need, the faithful shall stand.  They both knew the ancient proverb.  “Tell my brother the message in due time.”  “I love you Gor.”  They both exchanged  a look and traded smiles.  “At least you have Su-pak and Su-van with you”.  “Yes Hannie, you know they are my faithful servants”.  Gor left the house in haste and put some remaining items in his travel sack.  He leaped upon his grotick and motioned to his companions for departure.  Then three large birds took flight disappearing past the trees.

Su-pak and Su-van flanked him on both sides upon their groticks.  They soared far above extending into the sky.  The span of their wings easily covered about thirty feet.  The groticks were known for their loyalty and making long distance trips across treacherous terrain.  Deep into the journey Gor noticed movement in one of his sacks.  He looked at Su-van and then looked at Su-pak, both occupied with naviating the trip.  Then moments later, he noticed more movement out of the same sack again.  “Papa! Papa! Its me! Phannie!

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Benjamin Thomas

Adventurous Alley

Drone Robot Fly

Drone Robot F

The ninth district wasn’t the kind of place you take your kids for a picnic.  Pollution.  Crime.  Perpetual gang warfare.  Even the Dyna cop evolution program seemed to decline.  Definitely not a place to raise your children or start a family.

“Simion, head for the warehouse and see what you can find”.  “Wait, where are you going?”  “If what she said is true, there’s a bomb headed for the tenth district.  I have to stop it.”  “I don’t think this is a good idea Severus.  We should stick together and figure this out”.  “Simion.  I have to try to do something.  I can’t let those people die if we knew about it beforehand.  Show honor before strength Simion.”  “Its a mistake sir.  These are not our people.  Don’t play her game.  She’s onto you and seems to know your psychology.”   “Well…we’ll see how about that.”.  Simion’s senses could pick up nearby sensors, but unsure of the direction.  Disappearing into the crowd he made his way down the crowded street and tucked away into an alley.

Severus broke away from the flow of traffic into a nearby field.  Running into the field he entered into an abandoned house through the front door.  “Hello?  Anyone home”.  The sound of his voice echoed about searching every room.  He quickly exited through the back porch and scanned the area.  Suddenly he materialized into a what appeared to be a ball of energy floating about 5 feet from the ground.  In a split second, it burst into the open sky ascending to the height of the clouds at great speed.   The entire house shook shattering all the windows.  A small boy peaked through a bedroom upstairs, watching as he disappeared into the clouds.

In the ninth district, Simion knew he was a sitting duck.  So he decided to play their little game.  Walking briskly, he turned the corner realizing that he was being watched and followed.  “Why are they following me?  He thought to himself.  “Seems like an illegal transmitting frequency…Hmm…  The signals are heavily encrypted”  Suddenly he realized.  “Military drones.  Approximately 23 meters away.”   He could sniff out the activity of nearby drones like a home cooked meal.  “They’re closing in.  And they’re all distributing the same frequency.  How convenient.  And they only sent 7 drones to kill me?  I’m almost offended. This is going be fun.”  He broke out into a full sprint.  Two circular drones picked up speed behind him while three more appeared some distance in front of him.  They all deployed their weaponry simultaneously.  High powered guns surfaced bilaterally on each drone.  Immediately gunfire ripped through the entire alley.   Quickly ducking behind a trash dumpster, he whipped his right arm in a downward motion extending his elbow abruptly.  Immediately two blades sprung along both sides of his wrist, extending out past his hand.  Closing his hand, a grip materialized into thin air as he tightened his fingers.  An energy form came sizzling out from the blades as he brought his arm around full circle.  BOOM-BOOM!!!!!  Both attack drones from the rear exploded instantly.  Screams were heard at a distance.  Holes poured through the dumpster as more gunfire ripped past his head.  He erupted from behind the dumpster with heavy gunfire shadowing his every step.  Approaching the other side of the alley he put one foot upon the wall spinning into a back flip.  Landing firmly on his feet, he could sense the gunfire coming his direction.  Then motioning backward, he projected himself into a ball of energy about 20 feet away.  Reappearing, he slid into a crouched position.  Extending his right arm upward, a barrage of energy blasts poured from the blades on his wrist.  BA-BOOM….BOOOOMMMM!!  More screams heard down the alley.  “Four down. Three to go…  This is fun.”

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Benjamin Thomas



Simion’s blood at a boiling point, was ready to overflow at any moment.  “Stand down”.  Severus spoke in a reassuring yet firm tone, as if to ease the tension in the transfer pod.  “What do you want?”  dialing into her motive like he knew what was coming next.  “I have your friend Elizabeth mason in a safe place.   “Eliza– Mason?  “Severus, this woman is an accomplice in her attempted murder!”  “I said stand down Simion”.  “So what do you want from us”.   Severus presses for more answers trying to get to the bottom of her real mystery appearance.  “Meet me in the 9th district at 1:15 PM, in a place of my choosing.  Try anything funny and she dies.  Got it?”  “Understood”.  “How should I go about contacting you?”  “Oh, don’t worry about that Talegan.  I’ll contact you”.  The side panel  erupts in it’s automated settings.  “approaching 9th district, please keep your seat belts fastened.  Their was a disturbing silence in the transfer pod until it came to a complete halt.  Simion thought to himself.  “I liked the silence in this pod before she showed up.  She’s manipulative and the essence of pure evil.  There’s no way Elizabeth is going to make it out of this alive”.  The doors to the pod slid open.  “And gentlemen. If you try to follow me, I’ll detonate the bomb within this pod after it reaches it’s next destination.  You do realize the tenth district is heavily populated right?.  I don’t think you want that blood upon your hands.”  She exited the pod and quickly disapeared into the crowd.

“Severus, I’ve got a bad feeling about this.  She knew exactly where we were and how to reach us.  She could’ve detonated that bomb without even talking to us”.   “That’s just it Simion.  She doesn’t want to kill us, and definitely wants something with the full intention of getting it by any means necessary.  Any report from the seekers?”  “They traced the energy signature to a warehouse about 15 miles east of here.  There’s also evidence of a recent portal entry near here.”  District 9 had always been a hotbed for violence and a mainstay for criminals of any sort.  “Are you positive?  How is that even possible?”  “Absolutely.  There’s definitely been a recent exit from a portal.  I can sense it pretty strongly now.”   Severus and Simion began to feel unsettled in their every step.  The loud music almost seemed to overpower their own senses.  People moved about like schools of fish going about in their own world.  A stench billowing from a nearby alley also began to creep into their consciousness.  “Lets get out of here”.  Spoke Severus, in a very an overly concerned tone.  “Quick blend into the crowd and summon your seekers at once”.   Simion opens his left hand and there appeared three blue spherical looking objects with bio-luminescence.  They both faded into the crowd without a trace in an attempt to hide their presence.  But they had the deep realization their every move was under constant surveillance.   “Simion, have you traced the address to that warehouse yet?”  “Yes.  We need to locate some transportation and head east.”.  “And Simion,  Call and notify Tom immediately, he’s going to want to know about this.  I’ve got a bad feeling that she’s not going to make it out of here alive.

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Benjamin Thomas


Deep at the heart of the nations largest quadropolis, within the farsidon district in the storied realms of the city of Crygan, two men sat patiently.  The silence between them was almost as numbing as their own thoughts.  The slow hum from the transport pod seemed to provide some comfort their racing mind.  “Talegan.  Do you ever have second thoughts?”.  “Second thoughts of what do you ask?”.  “Well, you know.  About Lord Gracious and the solace.”  “You mean if I should have slain him, while I had the chance?  Everyday…  Everyday Simion.  I Wonder if I’ve destroyed everything.  My family, kingdom, my people.  Not to mention Spira, my first love.  What is she to think of me after all of this?  I’ve betrayed my own land.  I’ve ruined everything.”  Simion skillfully interjects.  “The Domain has become corrupt.  I’ve confirmed from multiple sources that their are moles within the administration of the Perception as well as the Paradine.  So I think it serves us well to be away from Vangoria and Aspherion.”

Talegan looking down, intently at his feet.  His countenance changing for the worse.  He felt a wave of raw emotion welling from within him.  “It does not serve any purpose to ruin the foundations of our kingdom Simion.  If there is no blood shed during the solace, a state of interregnum must be declared officially by the Domain.  That means our enemies will attack Govinia.  All of Vangoria will me taken and Aspherion will become vulnerable.  THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED.”  His tone touching the core of his anguish.  The silence ensued his outburst of disgust.  The slow hum returned to their consciousness filling the air.  Suddenly a voice sprang out of the side panel.  “Approaching Wright district 7.  The pod slowed to a halt and the doors slid open horizontally.  There appeared an attractive woman standing at the entrance.  She had trimmed black hair, fair creamed skin and aura of dignity.  “Please enter the t-pod and be seated appropriately”.  An automatic belt fastened as soon as she sat down.  “District 9 please”.  The t-pod began to initiate movement and the humming returned.  “Evening gentlemen.”  “Good evening”.  They both returned the courtesy.  “We’re headed to district 9 as well”.  Simion noted the look of satisfaction on her face.  “I know.  Severus and Simion is it?  Of the Kingdom of Vangoria.  I know exactly who you are”.  A look of astonishment fell upon them.  “Who are you?  And how do you know our names?”  Said Severus curiously.  “Well, your reputation precedes you Talegan.  We’ve been acquainted but not properly introduced.”   “I’m sorry…but have we met before? Do I know you?”  “You should.  I’m the one who shot you in the bakery…”

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Benjamin Thomas



True Care Hospital, Ampra, OH Farsidon district in the city of Crygan.  1st floor intensive care unit 12:34 AM.  Elizabeth Mason was motionless, as if the life were draining from her body, lying still in critical condition.  Fully garbed in dull grey and white hospital gown, draped in wires extending from her body to machines monitoring her every vital sign. Blood pressure, oxygen saturation,  pulse and breathing rate all in stable condition.    The steady, high pitched sound of the machines seemed to resonate throughout the room.  “Lizzy? Can you hear me?  It’s me.  —Tim.”  Holding her hand as if it were the first time.  Her hand was warm, but offered nothing in return.  ” Lizzy…You’ll be o–o–kay”.  His voice crackling on every syllable.  Attempting to utter a comforting word, but double laced with doubt, anxiety and fear.  He then could feel the rising anger catch flame within himself.  And fully incensed, he left the ICU in a stir.  Who the hell would try kill her?  He made his way down the corridor from the ICU toward the first floor transfer pods.  As he approached, there was an irregularly shaped pod that immediately spoke, acknowledging his presence.  “Welcome, Officer Mason.  How may I assist you?”  “Second floor please”.  “Please enter the T-pod and be seated.  Destination, second floor”.  Before the pod could depart, another individual entered and sat down next to him.  “Destination second floor”. The pod began its course steadily forward then began to ascend toward the higher deck.  Once upon the second floor the pod continued horizontally wrapping around the building  toward the south side.  After the doors opened, only one man exited.   “Excuse me sir, are you okay? Sir–Sir!  I need a team to the second deck T-pod 2A STAT!  I have an unconscious male approximately in his 30’s with a pulse but unconscious”.  Over the PA system is heard loud and clear “CODE RED SECOND FLOOR DECK, CODE RED SECOND FLOOR DECK”.  A team of nurses rush the scene, a medical droid the first to arrive.  “What—where am I? Wh— “You’re at True Care hospital, you must’ve passed out.  You’re ok now.  Vitals are stable.  “Lizzy!”  “Sir calm down, you need to get some rest”.  “GET OUTTA THE WAY!  GET OFF ME!!” Pushing the medical personnel onto the floor.  “ICU NOW!!”.  The T-pod reverses course back down to the first floor.  Nervously exiting the pod.  “Where is the ICU?” He frantically attempts to run, staggering, stumbling across the floor.  “Just down the hall to your left sir” Responded another medical droid.   He quickly draws his weapon with the remaining sense of consciousness left over.  Turning the corner he saw a nurse at the front desk face down.  Approaching the room where Lizzy was, he found emptiness.  “No, no,no,no, no,no, NO!!!  WHERE IS SHE!”  In a split second, an alarm goes off throughout the facility.  “CODE ALPHA, FIRST FLOOR ICU.  CODE ALPHA, FIRST FLOOR ICU!.”  “Freeze! Drop your weapon now!  “Where is she!”  “I said, drop your weapon. NOW! DON’T MAKE ME SHOOT”…

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Benjamin Thomas