True Care Hospital, Emergency room.  Ampra, OH Farsidon district 1:37pm.  “Who would want the senator’s daughter dead? It just doesn’t make any sense.  Have you heard from Severus yet?”  Said Mark.  “No.”  Tim, speaking in a hopeless, somber tone.  Immediately a physician emerged from one of the rooms.  “Are you Mr. Mason?”  “Yes, how is she?”  In a subdued but urgent tone.  “She’s in a very critical state right now.  She’s lost a lot of blood.  The bullet went through her neck and shattered a portion of her spine, C7, the cervical vertebrae.  It’s very likely that she’ll be paralyzed, but it’s too early too tell.  We’ll keep you posted.”  Tim, heavy with emotion, sat down and hung his head low.  Tears began draining from his countenance to the floor.  As if hope itself were fleeing his own body.  Mark embraces his partner with a hand on the shoulder, attempted to comfort with words.  But the words were far too short.


Meanwhile, near the scene of the crime.  “Lord Severus, are you ok?” A man helps raise him to his feet.  “Simion,  its good to see you…Don’t call me Lord, you know how I feel about that– we’ve got work to do.  The shooter is still at large.  It was Dallon.  He’s here on Earth.”  “What is Dallon doing here on Earth?”  “He wasn’t alone, there was an accomplice.  A woman.  She shot me from behind with something very powerful.  I saw her, but my vision was too blurry.  Couldn’t make her out.”  At this point, Simion seemed to take charge of the situation.   He opened his hand and spoke.  “Deploy seekers”.  Immediately appeared three small ball like structures, materializing out of thin air.  Each displayed the same blue bioluminescence.   A nearby officer approached.  “What in Sam’s name is that?”  Speaking with much amazement.  “Your world has it’s drones for support.  Our world has something similar.  You could say, they are the same.  Except they are living, and very, very specialized.  We call them, seekers.”  The officer continues to look in utter bewilderment.  “Now, since we have accomplished introductions, may we share intel with the A7, or A5 drones?  The officer responds. “Here, talk it over with the  DO.”  The drone operator speaks out of from one of the nearby A7 drones at the scene.  “This is PO-S5 speaking”.  “We need intel from your A7’s to help assist in locating the perpetrator.”  Says Simion.  “Identify yourself.  What division are you with?”  The DO speaks, snarling.  “He’s with me”.  Severus skillfully interjects.  “Give him your full cooperation”.    “You just got it.  I’m coding the release right now”.    The three small ball like structures leave the palm of the hand of Simion.  Hovering, each displaying the same brilliant bioluminescence.   Suddenly, they began to utter  a faint vibrating sound, and then they all turned silver simultaneously.  “Seek and find”.  Speaks Simion, in a very mysterious tone.  As if he were having a conversation with them.  Instantly, the seekers flew away.  Flying in unison, until they faded away from sight.  “You are correct Severus.  The energy vibe I’m reading from you, does not originate on earth.  It is much too powerful.  I believe its a variation of LLorum.  But unlike any form that I’ve ever encountered before.  Whatever, or whoever, performed this attack on you, had very sophisticated weaponry.  And whoever designed this weaponry had a very high intelligence in order to change the form and function of LLorum.  A highly skilled scientist able to weaponize it.  Whoever did this, I assure you.  Is a mastermind…”






© Copyright 2014
Benjamin Thomas



“Dallon, you should’ve never come here.  You should’ve stayed in Vangoria.  TURN YOURSELF IN”.  Spoke Severus in a hefty tone.   “The name is Vince, dufus.  Dont’ forget it.  Now get the hell out of my way.  You’ve got some nerve talkin’ to me like that. Traitor!  IDIOT!  You put this whole world in danger by coming here.  You don’t think the Domain won’t find you here??!!  As he finishes his sentence, a swift moving gadget arises from the left shoulder of Severus rotating and elongating until fixed on the subject releasing a quick burst of energy.  The subject was stunned immediately and fell helpless to the ground like a ton of bricks.  But just as Severus released the stun burst, he received a blast from behind knocking him into a daze.  There he lied horizontal on the floor, vision blurry and out of focus, he didn’t know what hit him.  Immediately the A7’s arrive on the scene, but it was too late.  “P0-S5, give me a staus report”.  The A7 drones reported nothing.  Severus was found unconscious in the bakery.  The subject was nowhere to be found.  “Sir, I’m detecting a high energy source consistent with a high grade explosivie”  Reports an A7drone.  “PO-S5,  extract the package and get the hell out the there! Now!”  An A5 drone arrives from the front entrance, hovering over Severus’s body.  “Initializing PP 2257 protocol Sir”.  The A5 drone disperses a bubbled force field enveloping his entire body.  Then a seismic BA-BOOOMMM!!! shook several blocks leveling the entire bakery, shattering everything to pieces.  All the drones in the vicinity were incinerated.  But more of them arrived on the scene shortly thereafter.  “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?!? Status report NOW!  “Sir, I detect a life source from underneath the rubble.  The ID is that of Lord Brenigan Bron Severus.  He is alive, but he’ll need an extraction unit immediately”.  Reports an A7 drone.  “I need an extraction unit on site now!  Move! move!”  Two more drones arrive on the scene, two times the size of the others.  They hovered deliberately over mounds and mounds of debris.  Simultaneously a focused laser beam is released from both units until the rubble begins to move and shake violently.  Dust clouds quickly cover the area.  Suddenly an energy filed emerges from within the rubble with a man encased within.   The team of drones slowly place him onto the ground and deactivate PP 2257 protocol.  The energy shield dissipates.  An A7 drone hovers closely…Then a voice blasts from the speakers underneath.  “Severus!! Can you hear me! This is PO-S5 speaking.  Do you copy!?!”  The man on the ground slowly comes to life.  “Yes…I’m here.”  “Is the subject deceased?”  “Negative, sir.  I stunned him right before I was attacked from behind.  But the subject got away.  He wasn’t working alone.  He had an accomplice.  And I believe it was a woman”  “What!”  “Yes, sir.  He wasn’t working alone.  Whoever it was, was highly skilled and strong enough to carry the subject, because I gave him a full stun knocking him unconscious.  And trust me, this was no woman of Earth…

© Copyright 2014
Benjamin Thomas



All police units swarm the area like bees gone viral from the hive.  “Shots fired!  I repeat–a shot has been fired–from a shooter located in the west wing of the Denald buidling.  All units respond to 42nd and broad!”   A dozen police aerial drones flock tightly to the area fully equipped and ready to engage.  “A7’s enter the building and give a full scan.  A5’s guard the perimeter and track the trajectory of that shot immediately!”.  Says PO-S5, Police drone operator Section 5.   The A7’s are quick, able to track a subject at a distance.  Resembling something from the Egyptian era, but mingled with the exceptional prowess of modern technology.   “PO-S5, we have located the  subject on level 8 headed north”.  “Affirmative, we have  the primary subject on sight.  30 yards headed north,  Male, 6’4 238 lbs donned in black leather garb.”  The A7s have a several high definition cameras embedded in their systems allowing the drone operator real time video feeds.  “This is PO-S5, we have the subject traveling north on level 8–and–he’s wearing freaking headphones?!!?  “A7’s, pursue and obtain subject– primary objective:  not to kill, stun and proceed to capture”.   Just as the order is released, the man comes to a sudden halt.  Casually turns around and observes five  A7’s flying his direction at high speed.  The first three light up as if electrocuted by high voltage, then simultaneously explode with great force.  The boom rocked the floor  so hard the walls ripped to shreds like paper leaving a gaping hole.   The latter two A7’s were knocked backward by the force but were still functional.  “What the hell was that?” “Three A7’s were just destroyed out of thin air”.

The remaining two A7’s zip through the smoke at full speed and reach the end of the hallway.  “Sir, the subject appeared to jump through a window from level 8”.  “What!!  Where the hell is he? There’s no way he could’ve survived that fall.”  The A5’s converge on the north side of the Denald building assessing a complete scan of the area, but no body was found in sight.  The A7’s bolt out of the window from level 8.  “Sir we’re picking up a reading from the subject heading west on main street at high speed”.  The man is seen on the ground running, dodging, ducking.  He turns and busts through a door into a nearby bakery then comes to a sudden halt as he sees another tall man before him.   “SEV-??” Says the man with the headphones.  “Hello–Vince…”









© Copyright 2014
Benjamin Thomas








The bells rang in unison at high noon, calling out the impatience of the day.  A day ripe for two to be joined in holy matrimony.  Elizabeth Mary Seigel and Timothy David Mason.   The talk of the town.  “Elizabeth!  Hurry up you slow poke! You wait any longer and you’ll miss out on your own wedding, not to mention your own honey moon.  And we know Tim  isn’t going to have any of that.   Heaven forbid.  Where are you?”  “Here mother. How do I look?”   There she stood graceful and elegant as a dove.  Her eyes wet with excitement as they met her mothers.  Her sunglow hair running smoothly past her shoulders.  “Well mother, do I have your approval?”  said Lizzy.  “Oh dear…”  The beautiful sight of her daughter donned in a wedding dress, welled tears through her eyes, wetting her fair cream skin, fading past her lips. “Is that a–?”   “Tear? Yes.”   “Tears of joy I hope”.  “Oh yes Lizzy.  YOU, are absolutely stunning!   You’ll knock em’ dead.  That Timothy won’t know what to do with you.  Come here.”  The  two embrace each other in a long warm hug.  “I just want you to know that you have my full support  in whatever you do.  Ok?  You know how your father feels.  But–let me deal with him.  This is YOUR day.  Let every thing else slide to the wind. OK?”  Said Margaret Lizzies mother.  “Thanks Mom!”  The two embrace in another warm hug.

“Hey Tim, man I just wanted to say congratulations.  Thanks so much for inviting me!”   “Trust me the pleasure is all mine Mark.  We’re just glad you could make it with everything you have going on right now.  We really appreciate your taking the time to come out.  Its a special day”.  “Don’t mention it, for crying out loud.  We’ve been partners a long time now”.   The two exchange in a brief moment of mutual respect.  “Hey, did you realize Chelsea is here?”  “Seriously?  I–I–never invited her here.  What is she doing here?”  The tone in Tim’s voice changes to irritable in a split second.  “Well, the whole department is here, maybe she felt compelled to show up.”  The moment is interrupted by the sound of Lizzie’s favorite song, “on the wings of ivory”.   The tune signals everyone to be seated, for an event  they would never forget.  The bridegroom takes center stage with all eyes on deck.  He returns a confident glare back at the crowd numbering around 500 attendees.  Some familiar faces, and some he had never seen before.  Suddenly the crowd rises to it’s feet in honor of the bride.  A soft breeze passes through in the midst of a brilliant day.  They were surrounded by a cluster lofty maple trees.  But the city’s skyscrapers weren’t  far from view.  Finally the bride entered the stage and all eyes were on her.  Her smile and countenance were striking.  Any man in the crowd would marry her that day.  The priest went through his usual motions leading up to the exchange of wedding vows, rings.  “I pronounce you man and wife, MR. AND MRS. TIMOTHY, ELIZABETH DAVID MASON.  You may now kiss the bride”.  Said the priest.   The bridegroom held his newfound bride within his arms.   Their kiss was electric, shocking the whole crowd.  As Timothy cradled her within his arms, there was a quick zipping sound, and her whole body fell limp like a rag doll.  There were loud gasps, then screams ripped through the air. “SOMEBODY CALL A MEDIC!!! HELP–HELP!! SOMEBODY HELP!! PLEASE, SHE’S BEEN SHOT!!!” yelled the bridegroom frantically.  He lowered her body softly to the ground…in disbelief, still in shock.  Their pure white garments now stained with her blood.  And even more blood, seemed to be pouring out from the side of the neck.  Timothy Mason turned to look over his right shoulder.  And there was Mark Porter standing at a distance, pointing to a nearby building.  “There!  The shot came from over there!!”  The crowds erupting in complete disarray and widespread panic.  Timothy urgently taps his watch twice, yells…”SEVERUS!!—LIZZIES BEEN SHOT!!”






I didn’t understand it then, but I understand it now…the reasons for the war. Every man, beast and soul, lost its freedom. At least half the states did.  It didn’t have to come to this. There was time for peace. For healing. But too much was at stake. Relentlessly, the attacks kept coming.  Many tried to stop them, but the outcome was inevitable. War, destruction, utter chaos was inevitable. Tensions rose thick, like the billowing smoke of a blazing furnace gone wild.  Many innocent women and children perished needlessly.  Now looking back, I realize what I should’ve done.  And what I now must do. Fight. Struggle. Defend.  Keep the peace. Or it’ll be stripped from us; again and again, like an older brother who strips a toy from his younger sibling without remorse or feeling. Therefore passivity must be put to an end. All those who run rampant in this world defiant of justice will have a rude awakening.  The lawless, the bandits who scamper  along day to day without restraint. Violent crimes go unattended.  Countless innocent people are dying.  And many more are suffering.  Freedom itself, is suffering.  Something must be done. Action must be taken. By me. Now, the time has come.  May all the Earth behold,  the justice served by  Prime Lord Severus, the Son of Aspherion and the ways of Imperium.







© Copyright 2014
Benjamin Thomas






Collectively, His thoughts would hope to heal a broken past.
That somehow a clean slate would repair his actions and undo what has already become history.

Sitting in sharp anguish, his thoughts bleed well into the night; brushing against the shadows again and again wishing that time itself would be rent, slashing the undesirable events from his life, meshing with the former experience of peace and solidarity in his heart.

Realizing at length the unfruitfulness of his longings, at daybreak, he slowly emerges from within the womb of the dawn, clothed in a new light.  Ascending the low dungeons of self-pity in which he was bound.

Upon leaving and driven with new intent,
he says to himself, the key to a better future hinges only on the  present course of action. May the light of this new day bring a better tomorrow.

As he sheds a tear of remorse,
sets the course for a better life, he struggles to makes room in his heart for a new beginning.

Concealed within that tear is His pain, the memories of bitter failure.  But as it falls, splatters into a million pieces across the rough terrain, his past seeps down and takes root.  And hopefully, as it drains deep into the earth,  it will give birth to a new beginning.

Earth, his new home.