Collectively, His thoughts would hope to heal a broken past.
That somehow a clean slate would repair his actions and undo what has already become history.

Sitting in sharp anguish, his thoughts bleed well into the night; brushing against the shadows again and again wishing that time itself would be rent, slashing the undesirable events from his life, meshing with the former experience of peace and solidarity in his heart.

Realizing at length the unfruitfulness of his longings, at daybreak, he slowly emerges from within the womb of the dawn, clothed in a new light.  Ascending the low dungeons of self-pity in which he was bound.

Upon leaving and driven with new intent,
he says to himself, the key to a better future hinges only on the  present course of action. May the light of this new day bring a better tomorrow.

As he sheds a tear of remorse,
sets the course for a better life, he struggles to makes room in his heart for a new beginning.

Concealed within that tear is His pain, the memories of bitter failure.  But as it falls, splatters into a million pieces across the rough terrain, his past seeps down and takes root.  And hopefully, as it drains deep into the earth,  it will give birth to a new beginning.

Earth, his new home.




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