All police units swarm the area like bees gone viral from the hive.  “Shots fired!  I repeat–a shot has been fired–from a shooter located in the west wing of the Denald buidling.  All units respond to 42nd and broad!”   A dozen police aerial drones flock tightly to the area fully equipped and ready to engage.  “A7’s enter the building and give a full scan.  A5’s guard the perimeter and track the trajectory of that shot immediately!”.  Says PO-S5, Police drone operator Section 5.   The A7’s are quick, able to track a subject at a distance.  Resembling something from the Egyptian era, but mingled with the exceptional prowess of modern technology.   “PO-S5, we have located the  subject on level 8 headed north”.  “Affirmative, we have  the primary subject on sight.  30 yards headed north,  Male, 6’4 238 lbs donned in black leather garb.”  The A7s have a several high definition cameras embedded in their systems allowing the drone operator real time video feeds.  “This is PO-S5, we have the subject traveling north on level 8–and–he’s wearing freaking headphones?!!?  “A7’s, pursue and obtain subject– primary objective:  not to kill, stun and proceed to capture”.   Just as the order is released, the man comes to a sudden halt.  Casually turns around and observes five  A7’s flying his direction at high speed.  The first three light up as if electrocuted by high voltage, then simultaneously explode with great force.  The boom rocked the floor  so hard the walls ripped to shreds like paper leaving a gaping hole.   The latter two A7’s were knocked backward by the force but were still functional.  “What the hell was that?” “Three A7’s were just destroyed out of thin air”.

The remaining two A7’s zip through the smoke at full speed and reach the end of the hallway.  “Sir, the subject appeared to jump through a window from level 8”.  “What!!  Where the hell is he? There’s no way he could’ve survived that fall.”  The A5’s converge on the north side of the Denald building assessing a complete scan of the area, but no body was found in sight.  The A7’s bolt out of the window from level 8.  “Sir we’re picking up a reading from the subject heading west on main street at high speed”.  The man is seen on the ground running, dodging, ducking.  He turns and busts through a door into a nearby bakery then comes to a sudden halt as he sees another tall man before him.   “SEV-??” Says the man with the headphones.  “Hello–Vince…”









© Copyright 2014
Benjamin Thomas






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