“Dallon, you should’ve never come here.  You should’ve stayed in Vangoria.  TURN YOURSELF IN”.  Spoke Severus in a hefty tone.   “The name is Vince, dufus.  Dont’ forget it.  Now get the hell out of my way.  You’ve got some nerve talkin’ to me like that. Traitor!  IDIOT!  You put this whole world in danger by coming here.  You don’t think the Domain won’t find you here??!!  As he finishes his sentence, a swift moving gadget arises from the left shoulder of Severus rotating and elongating until fixed on the subject releasing a quick burst of energy.  The subject was stunned immediately and fell helpless to the ground like a ton of bricks.  But just as Severus released the stun burst, he received a blast from behind knocking him into a daze.  There he lied horizontal on the floor, vision blurry and out of focus, he didn’t know what hit him.  Immediately the A7’s arrive on the scene, but it was too late.  “P0-S5, give me a staus report”.  The A7 drones reported nothing.  Severus was found unconscious in the bakery.  The subject was nowhere to be found.  “Sir, I’m detecting a high energy source consistent with a high grade explosivie”  Reports an A7drone.  “PO-S5,  extract the package and get the hell out the there! Now!”  An A5 drone arrives from the front entrance, hovering over Severus’s body.  “Initializing PP 2257 protocol Sir”.  The A5 drone disperses a bubbled force field enveloping his entire body.  Then a seismic BA-BOOOMMM!!! shook several blocks leveling the entire bakery, shattering everything to pieces.  All the drones in the vicinity were incinerated.  But more of them arrived on the scene shortly thereafter.  “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?!? Status report NOW!  “Sir, I detect a life source from underneath the rubble.  The ID is that of Lord Brenigan Bron Severus.  He is alive, but he’ll need an extraction unit immediately”.  Reports an A7 drone.  “I need an extraction unit on site now!  Move! move!”  Two more drones arrive on the scene, two times the size of the others.  They hovered deliberately over mounds and mounds of debris.  Simultaneously a focused laser beam is released from both units until the rubble begins to move and shake violently.  Dust clouds quickly cover the area.  Suddenly an energy filed emerges from within the rubble with a man encased within.   The team of drones slowly place him onto the ground and deactivate PP 2257 protocol.  The energy shield dissipates.  An A7 drone hovers closely…Then a voice blasts from the speakers underneath.  “Severus!! Can you hear me! This is PO-S5 speaking.  Do you copy!?!”  The man on the ground slowly comes to life.  “Yes…I’m here.”  “Is the subject deceased?”  “Negative, sir.  I stunned him right before I was attacked from behind.  But the subject got away.  He wasn’t working alone.  He had an accomplice.  And I believe it was a woman”  “What!”  “Yes, sir.  He wasn’t working alone.  Whoever it was, was highly skilled and strong enough to carry the subject, because I gave him a full stun knocking him unconscious.  And trust me, this was no woman of Earth…

© Copyright 2014
Benjamin Thomas


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