True Care Hospital, Emergency room.  Ampra, OH Farsidon district 1:37pm.  “Who would want the senator’s daughter dead? It just doesn’t make any sense.  Have you heard from Severus yet?”  Said Mark.  “No.”  Tim, speaking in a hopeless, somber tone.  Immediately a physician emerged from one of the rooms.  “Are you Mr. Mason?”  “Yes, how is she?”  In a subdued but urgent tone.  “She’s in a very critical state right now.  She’s lost a lot of blood.  The bullet went through her neck and shattered a portion of her spine, C7, the cervical vertebrae.  It’s very likely that she’ll be paralyzed, but it’s too early too tell.  We’ll keep you posted.”  Tim, heavy with emotion, sat down and hung his head low.  Tears began draining from his countenance to the floor.  As if hope itself were fleeing his own body.  Mark embraces his partner with a hand on the shoulder, attempted to comfort with words.  But the words were far too short.


Meanwhile, near the scene of the crime.  “Lord Severus, are you ok?” A man helps raise him to his feet.  “Simion,  its good to see you…Don’t call me Lord, you know how I feel about that– we’ve got work to do.  The shooter is still at large.  It was Dallon.  He’s here on Earth.”  “What is Dallon doing here on Earth?”  “He wasn’t alone, there was an accomplice.  A woman.  She shot me from behind with something very powerful.  I saw her, but my vision was too blurry.  Couldn’t make her out.”  At this point, Simion seemed to take charge of the situation.   He opened his hand and spoke.  “Deploy seekers”.  Immediately appeared three small ball like structures, materializing out of thin air.  Each displayed the same blue bioluminescence.   A nearby officer approached.  “What in Sam’s name is that?”  Speaking with much amazement.  “Your world has it’s drones for support.  Our world has something similar.  You could say, they are the same.  Except they are living, and very, very specialized.  We call them, seekers.”  The officer continues to look in utter bewilderment.  “Now, since we have accomplished introductions, may we share intel with the A7, or A5 drones?  The officer responds. “Here, talk it over with the  DO.”  The drone operator speaks out of from one of the nearby A7 drones at the scene.  “This is PO-S5 speaking”.  “We need intel from your A7’s to help assist in locating the perpetrator.”  Says Simion.  “Identify yourself.  What division are you with?”  The DO speaks, snarling.  “He’s with me”.  Severus skillfully interjects.  “Give him your full cooperation”.    “You just got it.  I’m coding the release right now”.    The three small ball like structures leave the palm of the hand of Simion.  Hovering, each displaying the same brilliant bioluminescence.   Suddenly, they began to utter  a faint vibrating sound, and then they all turned silver simultaneously.  “Seek and find”.  Speaks Simion, in a very mysterious tone.  As if he were having a conversation with them.  Instantly, the seekers flew away.  Flying in unison, until they faded away from sight.  “You are correct Severus.  The energy vibe I’m reading from you, does not originate on earth.  It is much too powerful.  I believe its a variation of LLorum.  But unlike any form that I’ve ever encountered before.  Whatever, or whoever, performed this attack on you, had very sophisticated weaponry.  And whoever designed this weaponry had a very high intelligence in order to change the form and function of LLorum.  A highly skilled scientist able to weaponize it.  Whoever did this, I assure you.  Is a mastermind…”






© Copyright 2014
Benjamin Thomas


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