“You imbecile.  You almost blew the entire operation!” “Cool it Medusa… the job is complete.  And we didn’t even get caugh–”  “Silence! Your long last comrade, Severus, saw me you moron.”  “He’s NOT my comrade!  Vince fired back as if she stepped on a nerve.  Like I said, the job is complete as always.  Now fork over the 10 million credits you owe me.  And don’t test me.  You don”t want to see my ugly side.” They traded expressions for a moment.  She immediately donned an amused countenance.  “Mmm…Is that a promise?  No need to worry Dallon.”  “Don’t call me Dallon!”  “You’ll receive 5 million credits now and the other half will be given only after we confirm the kill.  Got it?”  “Fair enough”.  Her right hand moved swiftly across her left hand.  Immediately there materialized a rectangular shaped tablet of some sort.  Her right hand hovered quickly over the tablet, but without making contact.  After a few swipes and taps the transaction was finished.


The A7 drones were hard at work tapping the nearby surveillance cameras at the scene of the crime.   ” I want a copy of the last 24 hours of all surveillance cameras within a square mile.  I’m analyzing the footage now of the primary suspect.  Get it on it now!  PO-S5 out.”  “Yes sir, we’ll get right on it.”  The detective approached another man standing nearby in the midst of a chaotic murder scene.  “Are you Simion by any chance?  I’ve been informed you’ll be providing some intel on the case.  Oh.. Sorry, I’m detective Donley, Homicide.”  “Pleased to meet you detective.  I’ll inform as soon as get we get something solid.”  “Thanks”.   “Severus,  something about this whole thing isn’t right.  Why would someone want Elizabeth Mason dead?  And what does Vince have to do with it?  Why is he even on earth in the first place?  I don’t like it.  The whole thing smells fishy if you ask me.  The energy signature radiating from the blast isn’t anything these officers have ever encountered before.  We’ve never encountered it ourselves.  And come to think of it, why is someone altering and weaponizing LLorum?”  “Your hunch is correct old friend.   Vince is definitely up to no good.  This can only get worse.  They have no idea who Dallon really is and what kind of havoc he’s capable of.  And then there’s the woman.  I couldn’t quite make her out.  Too dazed from the blast.  Any readings from the seekers yet?”  “Negative.  But when the initial readings come in we’ve got to get to the bottom of this.”



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