Everywhere I go, people seem to die.  It wasn’t supposed to be like this.  I didn’t come to earth to bring this pain and suffering of life.  Simion responds with a solid reassuring tone. “You’re not to blame for this.  Take the pillars of peace upon your hands and your feet shall be prosperous”.  Quoting an ancient proverb of wisdom.  I should have stayed in Vangoria of Aspherion and dealt with Gracious face to face.  “My Lord, If I may exercise boldness on your behalf.  You are the Son of Soron, chosen to be—I’ve failed… the people of Govinia.  Our own people Simion.  How could I be anything.  I have broken the sacred rule of solace.  The foundations of the Regnum have been desecrated, abandoned by my fear to slay my own kin.  “My Lord, we must focus on the matters at hand.  Deal with Dallon, and determine who is behind this act of cowardice before its out of control”.  Very well, summon your seekers.  Request their location and put them on high alert.  “Request complete.  They’ve followed the signal to sector 9 quadrant 4.  The signal seems to drop off there.  I’ve also picked up an unauthorized use of frequency with a time stamp just prior to the blast.  “Track the location, get the specs and the camera surveillance within the area for the past 24 hours.  Well find our little friend before long.  Then make a trip to sector 9.”

© Copyright 2015

Benjamin Thomas


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