A Dark Day


Doesn’t the Queen of Vangoria inquire of her son? Or know of his whereabouts? He must be found Yanis.  Immediately.  His actions cannot be disregarded, nor forgiven. Especially after the sacredness of solace has been forsaken by our own son!  All of Govinia is in an uproar. We are a mockery of our adversaries, not to mention our own people!  “Settle your nerves Soron!  Your are the King–show some stability”.  Stability? Stability you say?  The foundations of solace, which has existed since the dawn of the Conglomerate, has finally been broken.  Don’t you realize what this means Yanis?  All of Aspherion, and the known Omniverse will be in utter chaos!  There will be no Regnum, no ruler and no protector of the people.  We must declare a state of Interregnum…  “No!  We must wait for a response from Bren-Talegan.  He will respond, I know he will”.  The Ancient scrolls of the Centennians has come to fruition.  “Soron, have you gone mad?  Everyone knows those are foolish fairy tales.  And if you believe them, well–you’d be the chief fool”.  I’m no fool Yanis and neither are you.  For Govnic law states that if the foundation of solace has been broken, it must be restored in full, by the fourth cycle. And if the fourth cycle is completed prior to the restoration of solace, an interregnum must be declared and officially instituted by the Domain.  “Don’t you have faith in our son Soron? He is the finest warrior in all of Vangoria.  Second to none.  Why would he back down from any challenge?”.  We’ll see.  We have until the fourth cycle.  Summon the Domain at once for an urgent council.  And in the meantime, I advise you to consult with Imperium.  Hopefully he’ll deliver you from your blindness.





© Copyright 2015

Benjamin Thomas


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