Well into the southeastern regions of the province of Midor, the word spread like gangrene, of the broken traditions of the solace.  That there was trouble in the Novic kingdoms of the north.  A young boy scurries down a crowded road as if invisible to those around him.  He seemed to run with purpose and intent of heart, full of energy as any young child would.  He entered a hut, hidden in the woods, roughly a half mile from the main road.  He entered with with excitement, beside himself with wonder.  Papa! Papa!  Is it true?  What they say regarding solace?  Has it been broken?  Did Severus forfeit the inheritance out of fear?  Out comes a burly man encompassed in full beard and bewilderment.  “Where did you hear such things Xeraphan?  You shouldn’t believe everything you hear you know.  It will only bring you heartache and despair”.  But Papa!  It’s true!  I heard him speaking with a midonese merchant.  The foundation of solace has been broken!  Lord Severus is a fierce warrior Papa.  Why would he not fight Gracious?  Can a fierce warrior have fear Papa? Speaking in an emboldened tone, as if strengthened by his own curiosity.  “Now, now Phannie— run along and play.  Who was this man anyways?”  I believe he was military Papa.  Maybe Varicen.  “Did he see you?”  I don’t think so Papa.  I don’t think so.  The household was always bustling with life; with six little children running rampant at any given moment.  “Xeraphan!  Are you making up stories in your head again???”  “It’s TRUE!!!”  Phannie fired back, fully agitated.  A pilim piece of fruit immediately struck him in the head, and off he went in a stir, chasing his younger brother Tranis.  Who achieved the skill how to push buttons to get to people.  In another instant, Gor steps into another part of the hut in haste.  Scanning the area, to ensure his privacy, he proceeded to look under an old house plant.  There he lifted a fairly dusted old box.  He reached inside….”I hope this thing still works.  He whispered to himself.  There was before him a metallic half-dome like structure.  He placed his hand on top in full anticipation.  Then it lit up as if brand new.  Immediately it flashed across the screen in midonese script.  6 old messages.  Sender: Yanis.  Immediately his heart rate tripled in intensity.  Yanis?  Queen Yanis?  He placed his hand upon the half-dome again and a hologram projected itself out of thin  air.  “I am unable to meetwith you personally, so I have embedded this message to you.  I assume you are Gor the Balledarian, as you say.  There has been a terrible tragedy.  Now please…pay close attention.  The Solace has been forsaken.  Severus has abandoned the ninth kingdom.  You need to find him before they release the guard to find him.  Now quickly, go to the Centennian city of Cyclopa.  Retrieve the artifact entitled the Arch of the Conglomerate.  Do it swiftly, and be faithful to my son.  He has spoken highly of you.  In the name of the Queen. Yanis.”

© Copyright 2015

Benjamin Thomas


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