Deep within the heart of Govinia, the chief province of Aspherion, an urgent council was taking place.  The Domain was in session within the storied halls of the Sturgeon.  Located strategically at the central point of the city of Eridon, the great capitol of Govinia.  It was known mainly as the gathering place of the leaders of the people.  Or, the Domain, as they deemed it.  A two party chamber consisting of the Perception and  Paradine.

Within the inner chambers of the Sturgeon, at its center, stood a man clothed in a long stately robe.  Immediately the whole Domain spoke at once.  “Behold, the Venerable Seer.”  “Everyone be seated”.  He spoke with solemnity, brimming with confidence.  “It is now public knowledge that the Foundations of the solace has been forsaken by the son of Soron, and the son of Yanis.  Bren-Talegan Severus, has failed to comply with the foundations of our nation, and has broken the sacred Govnic law.  He must be found before the completion of the 4th cycle, else a mandatory state of Interregnum must be declared under law.  You may speak freely”.  The Perception was divided by the Honorable and Core Lords.  Including the Seer himself.  It further branched to include both the Internal and the Portal Guardsmen.  The secondary and less powerful branch,  consisted of the nobles, leaders of the lands, provinces of the people called the Paradine.  Collectively they were known as the Domain.  A man stood immediately declaring his name.  “Hithren.  I motion putting the Portal Guard on high alert, and send at once a mission to find Sir Talegan Severus for his crimes against the foundation, Govnic law, his own people and against this council.”  Another member of the Perception stood on his feet as Hithren was seated and declared his name.  “Gallard”.  The two being the most respected members in all the Domain.  Experienced ambassadors to other systems in the Omniverse.  “I second that motion.  Let us construct a group and quickly carry out the intentions of the council.  Hithren and I may lead.  I also suggest Eremif, Satas and Lord Gracious for this team.”  Another man stood up, from the other side of the room.  “If the Paradine may speak freely”.  “Speak freely”.  “May I also suggest a few member of this chamber to accompany the journey?  Tomas of the Threddians.  From the third kingdom.  And Trigor of Novicea from the fourth kingdom.  Both are respectable men.”  “Let it be done.  And may I remind you what is at stake?  If there is no ruler of the Conglomerate and the Interregnum ensues, then all order will be shattered.  We have solid intel, that the Craggian clans are plotting an attack.  So your mission is high priority and of upmost importance. You must act quickly, and above all, you must not fail.  I’m also assigning two TIGS to accompany you”.  A TIG was short for a group of fifty highly trained soldiers known as the Tigren.  Also known as the Internal Guard, assigned to protect the members of the Domain.  “Order the ships to be on standby.  Your mission will be called Orion. Locate, subdue and extract the target.  If he refuses to be apprehended…bring him—–dead or alive.”.

© Copyright 2015

Benjamin Thomas


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