True Care Hospital, Ampra, OH Farsidon district in the city of Crygan.  1st floor intensive care unit 12:34 AM.  Elizabeth Mason was motionless, as if the life were draining from her body, lying still in critical condition.  Fully garbed in dull grey and white hospital gown, draped in wires extending from her body to machines monitoring her every vital sign. Blood pressure, oxygen saturation,  pulse and breathing rate all in stable condition.    The steady, high pitched sound of the machines seemed to resonate throughout the room.  “Lizzy? Can you hear me?  It’s me.  —Tim.”  Holding her hand as if it were the first time.  Her hand was warm, but offered nothing in return.  ” Lizzy…You’ll be o–o–kay”.  His voice crackling on every syllable.  Attempting to utter a comforting word, but double laced with doubt, anxiety and fear.  He then could feel the rising anger catch flame within himself.  And fully incensed, he left the ICU in a stir.  Who the hell would try kill her?  He made his way down the corridor from the ICU toward the first floor transfer pods.  As he approached, there was an irregularly shaped pod that immediately spoke, acknowledging his presence.  “Welcome, Officer Mason.  How may I assist you?”  “Second floor please”.  “Please enter the T-pod and be seated.  Destination, second floor”.  Before the pod could depart, another individual entered and sat down next to him.  “Destination second floor”. The pod began its course steadily forward then began to ascend toward the higher deck.  Once upon the second floor the pod continued horizontally wrapping around the building  toward the south side.  After the doors opened, only one man exited.   “Excuse me sir, are you okay? Sir–Sir!  I need a team to the second deck T-pod 2A STAT!  I have an unconscious male approximately in his 30’s with a pulse but unconscious”.  Over the PA system is heard loud and clear “CODE RED SECOND FLOOR DECK, CODE RED SECOND FLOOR DECK”.  A team of nurses rush the scene, a medical droid the first to arrive.  “What—where am I? Wh— “You’re at True Care hospital, you must’ve passed out.  You’re ok now.  Vitals are stable.  “Lizzy!”  “Sir calm down, you need to get some rest”.  “GET OUTTA THE WAY!  GET OFF ME!!” Pushing the medical personnel onto the floor.  “ICU NOW!!”.  The T-pod reverses course back down to the first floor.  Nervously exiting the pod.  “Where is the ICU?” He frantically attempts to run, staggering, stumbling across the floor.  “Just down the hall to your left sir” Responded another medical droid.   He quickly draws his weapon with the remaining sense of consciousness left over.  Turning the corner he saw a nurse at the front desk face down.  Approaching the room where Lizzy was, he found emptiness.  “No, no,no,no, no,no, NO!!!  WHERE IS SHE!”  In a split second, an alarm goes off throughout the facility.  “CODE ALPHA, FIRST FLOOR ICU.  CODE ALPHA, FIRST FLOOR ICU!.”  “Freeze! Drop your weapon now!  “Where is she!”  “I said, drop your weapon. NOW! DON’T MAKE ME SHOOT”…

© Copyright 2015

Benjamin Thomas


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