Deep at the heart of the nations largest quadropolis, within the farsidon district in the storied realms of the city of Crygan, two men sat patiently.  The silence between them was almost as numbing as their own thoughts.  The slow hum from the transport pod seemed to provide some comfort their racing mind.  “Talegan.  Do you ever have second thoughts?”.  “Second thoughts of what do you ask?”.  “Well, you know.  About Lord Gracious and the solace.”  “You mean if I should have slain him, while I had the chance?  Everyday…  Everyday Simion.  I Wonder if I’ve destroyed everything.  My family, kingdom, my people.  Not to mention Spira, my first love.  What is she to think of me after all of this?  I’ve betrayed my own land.  I’ve ruined everything.”  Simion skillfully interjects.  “The Domain has become corrupt.  I’ve confirmed from multiple sources that their are moles within the administration of the Perception as well as the Paradine.  So I think it serves us well to be away from Vangoria and Aspherion.”

Talegan looking down, intently at his feet.  His countenance changing for the worse.  He felt a wave of raw emotion welling from within him.  “It does not serve any purpose to ruin the foundations of our kingdom Simion.  If there is no blood shed during the solace, a state of interregnum must be declared officially by the Domain.  That means our enemies will attack Govinia.  All of Vangoria will me taken and Aspherion will become vulnerable.  THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED.”  His tone touching the core of his anguish.  The silence ensued his outburst of disgust.  The slow hum returned to their consciousness filling the air.  Suddenly a voice sprang out of the side panel.  “Approaching Wright district 7.  The pod slowed to a halt and the doors slid open horizontally.  There appeared an attractive woman standing at the entrance.  She had trimmed black hair, fair creamed skin and aura of dignity.  “Please enter the t-pod and be seated appropriately”.  An automatic belt fastened as soon as she sat down.  “District 9 please”.  The t-pod began to initiate movement and the humming returned.  “Evening gentlemen.”  “Good evening”.  They both returned the courtesy.  “We’re headed to district 9 as well”.  Simion noted the look of satisfaction on her face.  “I know.  Severus and Simion is it?  Of the Kingdom of Vangoria.  I know exactly who you are”.  A look of astonishment fell upon them.  “Who are you?  And how do you know our names?”  Said Severus curiously.  “Well, your reputation precedes you Talegan.  We’ve been acquainted but not properly introduced.”   “I’m sorry…but have we met before? Do I know you?”  “You should.  I’m the one who shot you in the bakery…”

© Copyright 2015

Benjamin Thomas


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