Simion’s blood at a boiling point, was ready to overflow at any moment.  “Stand down”.  Severus spoke in a reassuring yet firm tone, as if to ease the tension in the transfer pod.  “What do you want?”  dialing into her motive like he knew what was coming next.  “I have your friend Elizabeth mason in a safe place.   “Eliza– Mason?  “Severus, this woman is an accomplice in her attempted murder!”  “I said stand down Simion”.  “So what do you want from us”.   Severus presses for more answers trying to get to the bottom of her real mystery appearance.  “Meet me in the 9th district at 1:15 PM, in a place of my choosing.  Try anything funny and she dies.  Got it?”  “Understood”.  “How should I go about contacting you?”  “Oh, don’t worry about that Talegan.  I’ll contact you”.  The side panel  erupts in it’s automated settings.  “approaching 9th district, please keep your seat belts fastened.  Their was a disturbing silence in the transfer pod until it came to a complete halt.  Simion thought to himself.  “I liked the silence in this pod before she showed up.  She’s manipulative and the essence of pure evil.  There’s no way Elizabeth is going to make it out of this alive”.  The doors to the pod slid open.  “And gentlemen. If you try to follow me, I’ll detonate the bomb within this pod after it reaches it’s next destination.  You do realize the tenth district is heavily populated right?.  I don’t think you want that blood upon your hands.”  She exited the pod and quickly disapeared into the crowd.

“Severus, I’ve got a bad feeling about this.  She knew exactly where we were and how to reach us.  She could’ve detonated that bomb without even talking to us”.   “That’s just it Simion.  She doesn’t want to kill us, and definitely wants something with the full intention of getting it by any means necessary.  Any report from the seekers?”  “They traced the energy signature to a warehouse about 15 miles east of here.  There’s also evidence of a recent portal entry near here.”  District 9 had always been a hotbed for violence and a mainstay for criminals of any sort.  “Are you positive?  How is that even possible?”  “Absolutely.  There’s definitely been a recent exit from a portal.  I can sense it pretty strongly now.”   Severus and Simion began to feel unsettled in their every step.  The loud music almost seemed to overpower their own senses.  People moved about like schools of fish going about in their own world.  A stench billowing from a nearby alley also began to creep into their consciousness.  “Lets get out of here”.  Spoke Severus, in a very an overly concerned tone.  “Quick blend into the crowd and summon your seekers at once”.   Simion opens his left hand and there appeared three blue spherical looking objects with bio-luminescence.  They both faded into the crowd without a trace in an attempt to hide their presence.  But they had the deep realization their every move was under constant surveillance.   “Simion, have you traced the address to that warehouse yet?”  “Yes.  We need to locate some transportation and head east.”.  “And Simion,  Call and notify Tom immediately, he’s going to want to know about this.  I’ve got a bad feeling that she’s not going to make it out of here alive.

© Copyright 2015

Benjamin Thomas


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