Adventurous Alley

Drone Robot Fly

Drone Robot F

The ninth district wasn’t the kind of place you take your kids for a picnic.  Pollution.  Crime.  Perpetual gang warfare.  Even the Dyna cop evolution program seemed to decline.  Definitely not a place to raise your children or start a family.

“Simion, head for the warehouse and see what you can find”.  “Wait, where are you going?”  “If what she said is true, there’s a bomb headed for the tenth district.  I have to stop it.”  “I don’t think this is a good idea Severus.  We should stick together and figure this out”.  “Simion.  I have to try to do something.  I can’t let those people die if we knew about it beforehand.  Show honor before strength Simion.”  “Its a mistake sir.  These are not our people.  Don’t play her game.  She’s onto you and seems to know your psychology.”   “Well…we’ll see how about that.”.  Simion’s senses could pick up nearby sensors, but unsure of the direction.  Disappearing into the crowd he made his way down the crowded street and tucked away into an alley.

Severus broke away from the flow of traffic into a nearby field.  Running into the field he entered into an abandoned house through the front door.  “Hello?  Anyone home”.  The sound of his voice echoed about searching every room.  He quickly exited through the back porch and scanned the area.  Suddenly he materialized into a what appeared to be a ball of energy floating about 5 feet from the ground.  In a split second, it burst into the open sky ascending to the height of the clouds at great speed.   The entire house shook shattering all the windows.  A small boy peaked through a bedroom upstairs, watching as he disappeared into the clouds.

In the ninth district, Simion knew he was a sitting duck.  So he decided to play their little game.  Walking briskly, he turned the corner realizing that he was being watched and followed.  “Why are they following me?  He thought to himself.  “Seems like an illegal transmitting frequency…Hmm…  The signals are heavily encrypted”  Suddenly he realized.  “Military drones.  Approximately 23 meters away.”   He could sniff out the activity of nearby drones like a home cooked meal.  “They’re closing in.  And they’re all distributing the same frequency.  How convenient.  And they only sent 7 drones to kill me?  I’m almost offended. This is going be fun.”  He broke out into a full sprint.  Two circular drones picked up speed behind him while three more appeared some distance in front of him.  They all deployed their weaponry simultaneously.  High powered guns surfaced bilaterally on each drone.  Immediately gunfire ripped through the entire alley.   Quickly ducking behind a trash dumpster, he whipped his right arm in a downward motion extending his elbow abruptly.  Immediately two blades sprung along both sides of his wrist, extending out past his hand.  Closing his hand, a grip materialized into thin air as he tightened his fingers.  An energy form came sizzling out from the blades as he brought his arm around full circle.  BOOM-BOOM!!!!!  Both attack drones from the rear exploded instantly.  Screams were heard at a distance.  Holes poured through the dumpster as more gunfire ripped past his head.  He erupted from behind the dumpster with heavy gunfire shadowing his every step.  Approaching the other side of the alley he put one foot upon the wall spinning into a back flip.  Landing firmly on his feet, he could sense the gunfire coming his direction.  Then motioning backward, he projected himself into a ball of energy about 20 feet away.  Reappearing, he slid into a crouched position.  Extending his right arm upward, a barrage of energy blasts poured from the blades on his wrist.  BA-BOOM….BOOOOMMMM!!  More screams heard down the alley.  “Four down. Three to go…  This is fun.”

© Copyright 2015

Benjamin Thomas


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