Surprising Journey

Fast road leading into a suset.

It had been a short time since he left Simion in district 9 by himself to face an unknown enemy.  But if there was anyone who could handle himself, it was Sim.  He would check in with Simion after he had spotted the transfer pod they were in earlier.

The flight over the Crygan to the tenth district was a pleasant one.  He hadn’t set into roaming mode in quite some time now.  It brought back a plethora of memory being in the administration at the Domain.  His thoughts captivated him temporarily pulling him away into a distant realm.  “I was destined to be ruler of my people.  I had a royal family, with peace for generations and generations.  All of the kingdoms were in order.  Chaos was kept to a minimum.  Spira was by my side.  I can still see her and taste the delight in her eyes or the pleasure in her countenance when she gazed upon me.  Suddenly he felt an overwhelming shock throughout his entire being.  A unusual type of electricity running through his veins.  He didn’t know what hit him.  Knocked unconscious, he began to spiral quickly downward.  He transferred back into his human form still spiraling out of control.  An electrical like net captured him just before he crashed and lifted him back up into the atmosphere.  “I have the package.”  There was someone at the other end of the net tugging along.  “Good.  Bring him to me immediately.  I have plans for Mr. Severus.  Plans indeed.”

In the Province of Midor, within the southeastern portion of the southern kingdom.  In a small town of Himmel.  Gor, the ballerdarian was preparing for his travels.  “Ah!  Its not everyday that blessed one says goodbye to his children.  And not every midanite has six bundles of joy!  Come here.  Give your ol’ Papa a kiss.  One for Kimdel. One for Xerix and Phannie. Tranis, Hepta and Nivel.  Mmwhaaa.  And one for the misses.  Mmwhaa.”  “Why do you have to go?  Can’t they figure this out by themselves?  Don’t they have resources in the Domain for this?  Why do they need you to go?”  “Hanice.  We’ve already been over this.  You know why I must go.  I’ll be fine.  Tend to the children.”  They both resonated the deep culture of the Midonese.  When called upon a Midan in a time of need, the faithful shall stand.  They both knew the ancient proverb.  “Tell my brother the message in due time.”  “I love you Gor.”  They both exchanged  a look and traded smiles.  “At least you have Su-pak and Su-van with you”.  “Yes Hannie, you know they are my faithful servants”.  Gor left the house in haste and put some remaining items in his travel sack.  He leaped upon his grotick and motioned to his companions for departure.  Then three large birds took flight disappearing past the trees.

Su-pak and Su-van flanked him on both sides upon their groticks.  They soared far above extending into the sky.  The span of their wings easily covered about thirty feet.  The groticks were known for their loyalty and making long distance trips across treacherous terrain.  Deep into the journey Gor noticed movement in one of his sacks.  He looked at Su-van and then looked at Su-pak, both occupied with naviating the trip.  Then moments later, he noticed more movement out of the same sack again.  “Papa! Papa! Its me! Phannie!

© Copyright 2015

Benjamin Thomas


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