Advanced future soldier

My head….Wh–wh—where am I?  Deep throbs pulsed thougout his head, as if someone finally knocked some sense into his psyche.  His last memory was being shocked in midflight.  “The tenth district…It was a trap.  The whole thing was a trap”.  “I see you’ve finally awaken Talegan.  Welcome.  You’re just in time for the show.”

“Wh–who are you?”  “Please forgive my manners Talegan.  We still haven’t been properly introduced.  My name is Kitren-x.  We are called, Oriasis.  You’ll be seeing plenty of us in the coming days”  “What do you want with me?  Where is the bomb?”  “Ah.  Questions, questions, questions Talegan.The curious mind always seeks to know.  And you’re quite the predictable one I’d admit.  Are you coming to save the poor lives here Severus?  How does it feel to be powerless?  What exactly were you expecting? To help the pathetic people of this land?  You see Severus,  they were doomed when you showed up.  And now, their blood will be upon your hands.”  Severus could feel his stomach tie in knots with noxious element.  The thought that innocent civilians could be killed struck a ugly cord with him.  He thought to himself.  “How could they die?  What is she really seeking to gain out of all of this?  Who is she working for?  Does the Domain know I’m here?  Have they finally caught up with me?”  The woman kept lecturing him as if she were trying to chip away at his integrity.  Gnawing away at any sense of hope, or shred of confidence he may have had.  Suddenly one of the subjects to his left began to slowly move toward him.  The sound of his feet seemed like firm metal clanking against the floor.  There he stood.  Severus glared at him as he approached, in awe of his form and audacity.  Thinking again to himself in wonder.  “This is a well coordinated attack.  Definitely not amateurs. But who could it be?”  “Severus.  I’d like you to meet Alpha-Mechlon”.  By the end of her sentence.  He had already armed his forearm stunner releasing the first burst directly into his chest.  The blast knocked his chair backward violently back onto the floor, his hands still banded behind his back.    “Bravo!  bravo!  I thought you two would get along just fine.”

© Copyright 2015

Benjamin Thomas


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