Futuristic city

The  mist blanketed the entire mysterious region of the ninth district.  Crowds moved about it’s inner streets seamlessly.  Busybodies weaving in and out of traffic stoically.  Dusk steadily crept in to steal the light of day.  The ninth district welcomed it arrival.  A man cloaked in an brown robe walking down Elpin avenue, one of the main roads of the region.  He entered Dorian’s Cafe and bakeshop on the corner of Elpin and harper.  “Yes, I’ll have a large coffee with two cream and sugar please.  Thank you”.   Being seated in a far away corner, he slumped and began to whisper.  “Severus??  Where are you?”  No response.  Severus, this is Simion….come in.”  No response.  “Dial Tim Mason please….”   “This is Mason”.  “Tim, this is Simion”.  “Sim?  Where are you?”  “Its a long story.  Listen.  I’ve got some bad news.”  “Well, not any worse than what just happened here at the hospital.  Lizzies been abducted by some lunatic and she’s missing now.”   “Tim.  She’s either in the ninth or tenth district.  We were sabotaged in the transfer pod on the way there.  I was followed and attacked by drones but was able to get away.”  “Wait, WHAT!!??.  What do you mean in the ninth or tenth district?  Is she alive–is she hurt???”  How the hell did she get there so fast.  She was just here at the hospital.  “Shes’ being held hostage Tim.  But we don’t know her demands just yet.  Severus went to the tenth district and he isn’t responding.  I’ve got a bad feeling about all of this.”  “Simion, try to locate her there.  I’ll head for the tenth district.”  “Tim, be very careful and don’t attempt to try anything.  This woman is very crafty and seems to a step ahead of us.”

© Copyright 2015

Benjamin Thomas


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