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Being stunned again for a second time in the same day didn’t seem to set to well with him.

He could feel the anger slowly rise to a tipping point.   It took everything in his power to resist the urge of ripping apart this newfound friend of his.  Alpha Mechlon.  The next blast ripped into the lateral side of his torso.  Penetrating deeper into his pride.  He could feel the pain burn like wildfire roasting his very flesh.

“You see, Severus.  I’m sure you realize by now that we are not here to kill you.   But we are here to destroy your legacy.  Your very name will become a mockery.  Your rule will be entirely abolished and you will be forgotten.  And the people you came to protect will crucify you.”  Severus lay helpless on the ground writhing in pain, trying to make sense of what was happening to him.  “What are you going to do? Leave them out if this.  They are innocent people.  I’ll do whatever you want.  What do you want?”   “You’ll find out soon enough O’ Son of Aspherion.   Alpha.  Detonate the bomb.  Immediately.”  Alpha Mechlon focused quickly on the side panel on his wrist.  Pressing a button there was a significant explosion that rocked the entire facility.  BA-BBOOMMM!!!!!!  NNNOOOOO!!!!!!!   Severus lying in the disgusting reality of what had just happened.  His consciousness fading in and out of focus like a bad signal.  Looking around, there was no sign of the woman or of Alpha Mechlon.  They fled like two roaches at the first hint of daylight.  The room filled with a mist that slowly faded gave way to a television screen at the far right of the room.  The video was set on replay.  Playing over and over again, there was a dark figure placing a bag underneath the transport pod that led to the tenth district.   What he saw next was not so pleasant.  As he leaned in to see who the dark figure really was, fear sawed him in half.   There he was plain as day on the video.  His face shamefully flashing across the screen.





© Copyright 2015

Benjamin Thomas


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