illustration painting showing skylines and sunset of dark city

On planet Aspherion, well within the Conglomerate system, was Venor.  The beginning of the third cycle.  Deep in the heart of the Sturgeon at the capital city of Eridon, Govinia. There were few individuals who had the high privilege of access to the sacred chambers of Imperium.  The royal family and the Seer of the Perception.

The room was spacious in every direction.  It’s height easily ascended two stories.  The sheer breadth of the chamber was just beyond the same length.  Though it’s magnificence seemed larger than life.  There were haughty pillars in every corner including the center of the room forming a circle.  Artifacts covered the walls and were propped throughout the room inviting dignity and honor.  At the center of the room within the pillars was a figure standing with his back turned away.

“Why are you troubled Soron?  What is it that you seek?”  “My Lord Imperium.  The foundations of solace of our nation have been forsaken by Lord Talegan Severus— and the Domain, the people are in a—“The solace must be restored Soron.  I understand that you have put together a mission to find him.  Is that correct?”  Imperium discerning as he was, could sense the troubled King and his plan to destroy Severus.  His discernment was weighty, balanced, full of wisdom and was to be respected by all within the Conglomerate.  “Yes, that is correct my Lord”.  “Soron, you must focus on the restoration of the Solace.  Which means Severus must remain alive otherwise your mission is pointless.  As you know My king, the solace must have two royal heirs duel until the one is killed.  Therefore if one is killed outside of the jurisdiction of solace the Interregnum must be declared.  Do I have your understanding Soron?  “Yes, my Lord.”  “Lord Gracious and Bren Talegan Severus, must be kept alive until then. No exceptions. “Yes, my Lord.”  “Very well.  You will be held responsible then.  The Novic kingdoms of the North are becoming unstable. And I have word that some of our adversaries are waiting for our dissolution.  Grand Morticus and the Dark Vein of evil, my arch enemy, knows very well our current vulnerability.  They already have camps in Midor and Verimice as we speak.  There’s a high bounty on the head Severus right now.  For they know that once the Interregnum is officially declared by the Domain, all Aspherion is doomed. And the Conglomerate will fall to pieces.

© Copyright 2015

Benjamin Thomas


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