I didn’t understand it then, but I understand it now…the reasons for the war. Every man, beast and soul, lost its freedom. At least half the states did.  It didn’t have to come to this. There was time for peace. For healing. But too much was at stake. Relentlessly, the attacks kept coming.  Many tried to stop them, but the outcome was inevitable. War, destruction, utter chaos was inevitable. Tensions rose thick, like the billowing smoke of a blazing furnace gone wild.  Many innocent women and children perished needlessly.  Now looking back, I realize what I should’ve done.  And what I now must do. Fight. Struggle. Defend.  Keep the peace. Or it’ll be stripped from us; again and again, like an older brother who strips a toy from his younger sibling without remorse or feeling. Therefore passivity must be put to an end. All those who run rampant in this world defiant of justice will have a rude awakening.  The lawless, the bandits who scamper  along day to day without restraint. Violent crimes go unattended.  Countless innocent people are dying.  And many more are suffering.  Freedom itself, is suffering.  Something must be done. Action must be taken. By me. Now, the time has come.  May all the Earth behold,  the justice served by  Prime Lord Severus, the Son of Aspherion and the ways of Imperium.







© Copyright 2014
Benjamin Thomas